Sunday, June 24, 2007


Such a frustrating day.

Yesterday I ask Faye what time her foster mother is picking her up. She doesn't know. Probably not in the morning, but it could be. FM does not have a cell phone or anything so she can't call.

Today she sits around all day. She has no idea what's happening.

Then midafternoon. "I probably won't be able to go home until tomorrow. None of the social workers work on Sunday."

"Isn't your FM coming to pick you up?"

"Her? No. She won't drive anyone anywhere."

"How were you planning on getting home?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know what the original plan was?"

"I don't know how I'm getting home."

So I call the social worker's cell phone number (yeah, I know) and leave a message. While we are waiting to get called back she tells me that she was going to be at her friend's birthday party today. (It is this friend's mother that she was planning on living with.)

"How were you going to get there?"

"Well, she [the mom] was going to pick me up for the party and take me home afterwards."

"So that was the original plan for getting home?"

"Yeah. But who knows how I will get home now. Maybe I will just have to spend another night."

Okay, call your FM and see what she thinks of the situation. She takes the phone into the other room and comes out later. "She says it is okay if I spend another night."

Sigh. Okay. Sure. Whatever.

The social worker calls back, "So I talked to the FM and she says Faye worked out staying another night. I can pick her up at 4:00. Is that okay with you?" Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

I tell Faye.

Faye says okay and then a little while later. "You know. I've got everything packed. If you wanted to take me home tonight it would be okay."

"Do you want to go home tonight?"

"I don't care."

"Faye, we like you, and you are welcome to spend another night, and if you want go home today you can."


"So I will call the social worker and tell her we're taking you home?"

"I guess."

I call. We talk. I'll take her home tonight. It's like 30 miles away, but it's fine.

The phone rings. It is the boyfriend. Faye talks to him. "Yondalla, actually I think that I might spend another night."

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