Sunday, June 24, 2007

"I don't care"

Since Faye has found out that her emancipation plan was falling through she has been calling relatives, every single one of whom has apparently said that she is welcome to move in on her birthday.

Still she was leaning towards seeing if she could live with Marsha. She sees the advantages -- there's the free everything of course. She knows it would be a good idea.

But she just came out to the living room, "I just talked to my great aunt. She says I can live with her. That's probably what I will do."

I'm tired, working on a sudoku puzzle and say absently, "Really? You mean rather than trying to move in with Marsha?"



"Because I'm a little sh*t and I want to mess up my life. I'm going to do the wrong thing even if it is going to mess everything up."


"I just don't want to be in foster care anymore. I don't care if it f*cks up my life."


Sorry kiddo, I'm too emotionally exhausted to argue with you.

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