Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why I won't be writing much for a while

Intro papers all turned in. 50 students. Papers 3-6 pages each. Do the math.

But because some of you may be wondering: Evan's body lives and breathes in the cool basement bedroom. His mind has been devoured by World of Warcraft. There are rumors that he has been seen in the kitchen foraging for sustanence.

I'll be back...


  1. Good luck on your papers! I hope all of them are A's. I'm sure your students are bright and witty and reading those pages will fly by.

    Yet another soul lost to the World of Warcraft. LOL I can't make fun, I can lose myself for hours in the Civ games.

  2. Heh, send Evan over to Thunderhorn. We'll /wave.


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