Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The pile

This act of generosity has resulted in 20 more items to grade.

Truly I must be insane. 5o intro papers, 20 misc upper-division things.

Oh...the dog pooped in his crate yesterday. By the time we got home he was filthy. Brian did not seem to realize that allowing the dog to run through the living room was a BAD IDEA. The dog was in the crate longer than he is usually (6 hours), but I think the real problem was all the people food he has been stealing recently. NEW RULE: No dirty dishes, left-overs, or other food stuffs may be left on kitchen or any other table.

I went with Brian to see his new counselor. I think this is going to be a match. She does art and play therapy and I think he will respond better to that than the probing questions the other counselor asked him. She asked him about his relationship with me and he said that he wished we that we spent more time together; that I had more time for him.

Sigh. I'm not saying he is wrong, but did he have to say that when I was sitting in front of a pile of 70 things that I must grade? School will be over in a few weeks. I promise to be a better mom then.


  1. Guilt: the bane of every woman's existence.

    If you have have kids, you either feel guilty because you are a SAHM, and you don't contribute financially to the household (and you might be bored and frustrated having no adult conversation all day) or you feel guilty because you work all day and don't have enough time for your kids.

    If you don't have kids, then your boss will make you feel guilty you want to have a life and you don't spend more time at work. Oh, and you'll be sure to land all the on-call, overtime, weekend and after-hours shifts. You'll also get grief from disappointed wannabe grandparents, who can't wait for you to get married, settled down, and start popping out grandkids.

    There's no getting around it. It just sucks to be a woman.

  2. I hear you! Right down to the child saying things like that in front of me and the therapist.

    And I am home all the time, sort of.

    Sorry about the dog and the doo, we have had a bit of that around here too.

    Take care, oh fabulous woman.

  3. Well, I'm guilty too. And I spend tons of time with my kid, but not probably what would be called quality time. Yesterday, after school, was the cub scout den meeting- I am the den leader (something else to plan and prepare for, then we went to the ballpark to work the concession stand. I worked, he played with the ohter kids around. Today, after teaching all day, I will take him to piano and then to his baseball game. Tomorrow is a middle school dance where I teach and Saturday is baseball and the end of season swim party (although we will still have tow games after that). If you asked him I bet he would say he doesn't have enough time with me. I am always there and he even comes to my school when he is out at the end of the day. I have work still then though.

    I too have a bunch of stuff to grade and tests to make before next week.

    I have to admit it would be bad to be a teachers kid. There are some days I have to tell him I just cannot answer another questions or talk about anything that makes me think.


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