Thursday, May 24, 2007


Me: Do you know what they are building over there?

Brian: It's the new extension on the mall. I told you before, don't you remember?

Me: No

Brian: You forget a lot.

Me: Well, I'm old.

Brian: That's just because you're a mom. If you didn't have kids you wouldn't be old.

The kid may be on to something.


  1. Sadly, time stops for no one. Unfortunately, I think kids definitely push the fast-forward button when it comes to getting (and feeling) old.

  2. I never understood why my parents were so OLD. Now that I have a child and employees who were born during my last high school years I get it. It sneaks up on you so fast. Kind of like that last glass of champagne.

  3. Brian is truly getting smarter each day!

  4. That's funny!

    And, sadly, true!


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