Monday, May 07, 2007


Tonight was the foster family appreciation dinner.

Evan went with us.

It was really wonderful. Sometimes it has been a bit tedious, but not this time. A current foster youth, a foster alumna, and a first mom all spoke. Everyone cried. The first mom (natural mom, REAL mom) got a standing ovation when she announced that she had been drug free for over three years. She described herself as a "dopeless hope-fiend." She thanked the foster parents for taking care of her kids and helping her to rebuild her relationship with them.

Did I mention that everyone cried?

When we got there we sat down at a table only because there were only two other people there. They turned out to be Marsha and her husband, Miss E's current parents! I don't know if I've been clear about this, but I never actually met them. I've spoken with Marsha on the phone and emailed with her a few times, but we never met in person.

Miss E showed up just a little late. I also don't think I remembered to tell you all that she is taking classes from a private night school so that she can finish high school before her 18th birthday. Anyway, she got to the dinner after her class let out.

I haven't seen her so happy in a long while. Miss E picked up a dropped name tag and stuck it on Marsha. Marsha pulled it off and stuck it on Miss E. Miss E pulled it off and put it in the middle of Marsha's back. They were both laughing. It was just wonderful. During dinner I asked them how many other kids they had. They said just the one little girl; Miss E does best when there aren't other kids.

I've decided I love them.

Right now I feel so grateful for all these fantastic kids and parents. I am privileged to know them all.


  1. So glad you had a good time and that you met Marsha in person.

  2. It's nice to hear about families for whom the system worked.

  3. I do like hearing about things when they work out. There is so much sorrow and pain in foster, care, we sometimes overlook the love. YOU are some of the fantastic parents.


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