Friday, May 18, 2007

Confirmed Sighting

I was not feeling very well this morning (nothing serious) but I decided to grade at home. So I was here when Evan got up. He works from 2pm-10pm. This means that he gets home after I go to bed, gets up after I go to work, and leaves before I get home.

I had not seen him since Sunday.

He was pleased to see me. He gave me the rent money and expressed regret that he hadn't been able to give it to me yesterday. He had committed to pay me every Thursday and he asked me to come up with a place where he could put the money where it would be secure.

Tomorrow morning he is going to the university for orientation and possibly to register for classes. He made sure all of his appointments are early so that he can make it to work on time. He will be off on Sunday and Monday.

Who is this responsible young man? Where did he come from?

Actually, now that I look back I remember that he planned that whole trip to Scotland on his own, didn't he?

He's a pretty amazing young man.


  1. Go Evan. I don't even know him and I'm proud of him. In my humble opinion, the combination of your home and his schedule are a good thing for him right now. He's largely taking care of himself, but he still has the security and comfort of a familiar home. It's a good step toward succeeding on his own someday.

  2. I totally agree with Maggie. I also think that the "break" of striking out on his own for a bit was probably a huge help - nothing makes you appreciate security like trying to do without. :)


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