Saturday, May 05, 2007

Evan and his grandmother (update)

Evan is having basically typical issues with living with his grandmother.

He is a young adult working full-time for the first time in his life and anxious. She doesn't want rent, but does want him to help out and does has expectations for his behavior. Meanwhile his younger sister and her father have apparently moved in. That has brought up another level of tension and he says that he would not be bringing it up to me except that it has gotten really bad.

He says he wants me to tell him what to do.

I think that translates to, "Will you offer to let me come move back in?"

I told him to give me a call and we can talk. In my email back I did not bring up the idea of him moving back in. I pretended that it did not occur to me that he might be hoping I would offer that. Heartless of me perhaps, but that's what I did. And I would prefer that he actually ask, not hint, but that may be too much to expect from a 19-year-old.

He just called...sobbing. I could barely understand him and I told him to get into his car and drive over.


  1. Have you decided whether you would let him move back in? If you did, how would that effect you getting another placement?

  2. that is a good question? would that effect your getting another child?

    the struggles of growing up. difficult on the parent and the child.


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