Monday, May 07, 2007

Really almost happening

The transition worker just called to confirm that I was okay with the plan. She's filled out a funding request to help reimburse expenses. She was concerned because she would like it to be approved today, but the person who would do that is out of the office. So maybe she should ask the deputy division director to sign it.

She suggested that I invite him to the foster family appreciation dinner tonight so that he does not have to spend the evening at his grandmother's, just in case it doesn't get approved today.

Evan must have really impressed her with the danger and/or pressure of the situation. I don't think it is that dire, but hey, worrying about that is not my job.

(Of course I would let Evan stay even if they refused to match what I asked Evan to pay.)

In case people are wondering, if Evan were not planning on going to the dorms in August they would probably only approve one month with me and his transitional worker would be helping him to find an apartment. Given that we are talking about a three month window, the worker agrees this is the best plan.

It looks like he is really, really moving in.

I'm torn between excited and terrified.

FosterAbba says she is not sure whether to congratulate me or tell me I'm crazy. Both are probably appropriate.

Hope4Future wonders if he will be easier to live with because he chose us this time around. If he is easier to live with, it won't be because he chose us. He asked for us the last time and though he is happy we will take him now, he is experiencing this as his only acceptable option.

He could be harder to live with because now he is paying rent (he doesn't know that the total amount of money is less that standard reimbursement rates, and I'm not telling him). He may have a sense of entitlement.

Or he could be easier because he has lived on his own, more or less, and has a better sense of self.

If he keeps this job it will be easier just because he won't be around all the time.

So I really don't know. Moving back in with your parents after you have experienced freedom is never easy. But I am going into this with my eyes open. I know what the range of possibilities are.

And of course I totally reserve the right to write long blog posts venting my frustrations at him, and get peeved at anyone who responds, "Well, you did ask agree to this."

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  1. Just cause you agreed to it doesn't mean you enjoy every minute. Like fosterabba, I don't know whether to hug ya, or smack ya. ( I feel the same way about a couple of my bio kids, sometimesi need a good smack!) Good luck!


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