Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Was it a date?"

He knew I was going to ask, eventually.

He went out to a late movie last night. He did not say anything about it in advance, just said around 8:00pm that he "had" to be at the theatre by 10:20pm. He didn't say much about the movie, just that he had to go to the movies.

So this morning I asked him if it was a date. He got embarrassed, laughed, and looked at me awkwardly. I said, "You understand that I'm expressing an interest in your dating life, not asking about your sex life, right?"

"Yeah. Okay. It was a date."

"Was it a boyfriend, or just a date?"

"Um...I don't know!"

"Well it becomes a real boyfriend, will you introduce me?"

"Absolutely. If I have a real boyfriend I will invite him over for dinner." This of course was said with sufficient confidence that I have no expectation that I will be meeting any "real boyfriends" any time soon.

Evan's job is in "customer retention." He works for a company to which people pay significant amounts of money every month for a service. When they are having trouble with it they call and go to customer support where people attempt to help them. When they get really upset and want to cancel their service, they go to customer retention where someone like Evan tries to solve their problem or bribe them into staying with a credit to their bill or an free "extra" for a few months.

It is known as one of the most gay-friendly employers in the area. They only hire high school graduates (hence David's inability to get a job there), have real benefits, and pay very well for the area and for the level of education the workers have. He said that he has asked to have the day of the Pride Parade off, but it seems like 25% of the workforce wants it off, so he doesn't think he will get it.

He's happy there, and he will probably be able to find a sufficient supply of not-real boyfriends to not introduce me to.

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  1. Next you'll be asking for grandchildren. LOL Watch his face when that question pops up.


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