Friday, May 11, 2007

The first evening

The first evening went very well, of course.

The boys and Hubby helped Evan get the last of the things from the room carried out and his things carried in. (Odd how it took me the entire time to get the kitchen cleaned up after dinner. It was very dirty.)

Evan is happy with the room. It is smaller than his old one (now occupied by Brian), but is well equipped with storage space: lots of shelves in a good-sized closet; and a storage cabnet. Right now there is just a small child desk in there. We need to pull it out and put back the adult desk. Also the chest of drawers, which was never a quality piece of furniture, shows clear evidence of having been a stand for a pet rat cage. So Evan and I will do some thrift store shopping to see if we can find something better. If I don't find anything then we will switch those too.

What Evan likes most about the room is that it is cool (as in the temperature is low). Summers can get quite hot and this room will be the coolest in the house. Of course that room tends to be warm in the winter, but Evan is just here for the summer, so that is good.

Evan and Brian got along fine for the hours they were home alone together. Since I got home Evan and Andrew have been down stairs playing an on-line game (each on a separate computer).

Life here is peaceful.


  1. Ah, the honeymoon stage... ;-)

  2. I remember the honeymoon stage. Life was so nice when it was like that. I hope it continues this way for you all summer.


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