Sunday, May 06, 2007

Went to visit David

David wanted to borrow my cutting tools and folding table so that he could do some sewing at his apartment. Brian and I drove down to bring him the things.

He is still sharing an apartment with the same young woman, whom I suppose I should make up a name for at some point. Previously they were subletting from someone, now they have a lease and are looking for someone to sublease from them.

I found myself thinking that I am so glad he has such a good woman in his life.

I've deleted my explanation of that a couple of times. Let's just say that he doesn't know very many straight men, and his relationship with other gay men always end with accusations. For a long time his living arrangements were tied to his confusing and volatile romantic relationships with other gay men. It was not good.

Now however he is rooming with a very nice straight girl. There is no confusion about the nature of the friendship or their responsibilities towards each other. Together they can afford the rent on a very reasonable apartment. So I'm happy for them. I'm glad that David has found such a good roommate.

In case you are wondering, I have not heard from Evan since he left the other day. I'm curious about what will happen next, but I know I could go two weeks without hearing from him and then get a phone call saying he was on his way over. Who knows.

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  1. I do think life is very hard for young gay men. Most of my friends are gay men, and the drama that I have seen go on in their lives, just blows my mind. I am glad that David has found someone stable to live with:-)


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