Saturday, May 12, 2007


A couple of people have referred to the period that I am having right now as a honeymoon, and I as going to write a post where I was going to say that that was not the right word.

Except that I decided that it sort of is. I think it applies BETTER to what I am going through right now with Evan than it does so to the usual early days or weeks of a placement.

Evan and I already know that we like each other. We have lived in the same house; we have had fights. We have confidence in each other and in our long term relationship. Right now, he is particular grateful for being allowed to move in. He wants to demonstrate his gratitude, and prove to me that he won't be a burden. He probably also wants to demonstrate how grown-up he has become.

Things are not going to stay this easy. He is going to relax and his commitment to working hard and being expemplary is not going to contiue for three months.

Hopefully however after this stage is over we will just have something like normalcy -- no period of extended testing.


  1. Even after he relaxes on the helping out and so forth, I hope it continues to go well. You already have the kinks worked out with each other.

  2. Honeymoon's are also to store up the good feelings and remembering why you like each other, to help you through when the tough times come. Enjoy!


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