Sunday, April 23, 2006

First morning back

Evan is a bundle of nervous energy.

He is realizing that being clean is going to be difficult. I think just being in his room, the place where he so often took his drug, is difficult.

He is worried about whether he can do it.

He feels like he has to project an image of confidence to us so that we will not worry.

He is afraid we will not love him; that we will reject him; that we will kick him out.

He is exhausting to be around.

His study skills teacher called him to talk him about ways to finish high school classes (THANK YOU!!). So now he is talking about spending part of the day at the alternative high school and part of the day at the high school doing other work.

He mentioned wanting to go to college in the fall. He still doesn't know that it is too late apply for CJET funding for this year. I don't want to tell him yet. He has enough to worry about. Besides, CJET is not the only way to play for school.

As long as he doesn't take out any loans. He will not get CJET funding the next year if he takes a loan.

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