Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update on Carl & David

FosterAbba in a comment on someone's blog (sorry can't find it now) comments that we blog much more about our anxieties than our joys. The blogs tend to give us a distorted picture of each other lives...all the bad, little of the good.

Largely true in my case.

I have been thinking about posting the news about the older boys, but it just seem so boring. Maybe because it is good news.

So.....(drum roll).....

Both Carl and David are starting real jobs! You know, the sort of jobs that come with W2's and a check from which money has been deducted. The sort of jobs have schedules and continue for more than a week.

Carl has been doing a lot of day-labor, cash jobs. He has been "off the grid" in about every way that one can be. That is a fine choice. I have been proud of him. But I confess that I am pleased to see he got a real job. I am also pleased that he decided he wanted a real job badly enough that he is willing to be a bus boy/dish-washer.

David starts training for a Starbucks tomorrow.

It really was good for me to get this news from both boys right now. Even if the jobs don't stick, it is progress for them. Carl was homeless for a while (did I ever post about that? Should I?) and we did not rescue him. David has been managing to get people to support him for a year (and I don't want to imagine how).

It is good to see them grow up. It is good to be reminded that fostering is a long-term investment. You may not see much while they are with you, but years later you begin to see the seed you planted begin to bloom.

Update: I did blog about it once:
Carl called

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  1. It took me a while to find it, but the comment you mentioned was posted in reply to Too Much to Handle? on Grits Gone North.


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