Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Feeling sad for Georgia

I finally got a chance to stop and think about Georgia I got a chance to cry and rage a little.

Apparently she hit her foster mother (my friend Mandy). The blow, or what she did around it, was enough to land her in juvenille detention.

This behavior is so contrary to everything I know about her. I know a young, beautiful, thoughtful, smart, calm, mature woman. She is also terrified.

We talked about it several times when she was visiting me last week. She is turning 18 the beginning of July. There are services and there are people who will try to help her, but she will be expected to be an adult. She was planning on going to college in the fall. She was going to live in the dorms. Mandy was going to let her stay with them through the summer, even if she was 18. She needed to get a job, save money, and then step out into the world.

But she was panicked, and terrified.

And now it looks like she has chosen the security of the justice system instead of adulthood.

I hope not. I hope it is just a bump in her road.

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  1. The security of the justice system. Interesting choice of words.

    I've thought that about my grandson (girls' dad) who snatches defeat from the jaws of victory every time.

    I hope it's just a bump for her and not a wreck.


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