Friday, April 28, 2006

Just an update

News Item One:
Andrew has been invited by the foster care agency to go to Anytown. They send a group of kids every year and often invite one of the fostering youth. Andrew is ready to go and said, "Taking driver's ed this summer wasn't all that important to me anyway." There was a meeting last night for the youth and parents/care-givers. I was the only caregiver to show!!! UGGG... It was awkward and painful when I realized it. The camp is about diversity with a limited number of spaces for dominant culture representatives. So there we all are, sitting around a table, getting information and the only kid with a parent is the white boy with his biomom. UGGG!

News Item Two:
Evan is not going to go back to the traditional high school. I don't know to what degree it is because he is avoiding the source of his drug supply and to what extent he is avoiding having to tell people why he was gone, but either way, his social worker and I have decided to go with the flow. He is being diligent about doing the things he needs to do to get into the alternative high school.

News Item Three:
As I dispensed Evan's meds last night I told him that we could just set up a weekly pill dispenser for him. I could just check to see if the pills were gone before I went to bed and then I would not have to interrupt his nightly call to his boyfriend (I did not actually say that last part). He said I did not even have to do that. He could just be responsible for them, "besides I don't really think they are doing anything for me anyway."
Sorry just blew the plan. We all agreed that I would dispense the pills for two months just because we were afraid he would be non-compliant. Anti-depressants and high blood pressure meds don't seem like they are doing something. When they are working you just feel normal.

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