Friday, April 21, 2006

Being Cryptic

So I want to be honest about being a foster parent, about the ups and downs, the joys and the fears.

On the other hand, the kids deserve some privacy.

And yet sometimes, if I don't blog it I keep thinking about blogging it.

I found out last night that David has once again switched residences.

Did he choose to go, or get asked to leave? Well, it looks like he did the same thing he did here. It looks like he refused to do what someone demanded of him so that he would be asked to leave and then be able to use his impending homelessness as leverage to get someone else to take him in.


I am not saying that he should have complied with the damands being made of him, but I will rejoice when he is living a life in which he is supporting himself with a real-life job.

Assuming he gets there.

(I don't know for certain yet, but my prediction is that all the drama in his life this week made it impossible for him to go to the training for the job at Starbucks).

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