Sunday, April 30, 2006

David's visit

David did show up today.

My normally chatty boy was largely silent, lots of long sad looks with puppy-dog eyes. Hubby took them both to the youth group and when he picked them up asked David where he was staying so he could drop him off. David said that if Hubby would take him home he would have someone pick him up.

The unasked question having been answered David cheered up and started chatting. He did talk about the need to find a place to live near his new job. I reminded him that now that he has a job his transition worker can actually do something for him. They will probably buy him a bus pass if he asks for it and they will certainly help him to apply for the housing assistance that is available for emancipated foster youth.

I am indulging myself in the fantasy that he will do all this, that he will keep this job, pay rent on an apartment, support himself.

It is a lovely daydream.

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