Saturday, April 29, 2006

Evan off to visit his family

He spent last night with his sister and extended family. He is still over there.

They filled out applications to visit their mother and were going to go yesterday, but the applications did not get processed and so they will have to go next Friday.

He has been talking about going to visit her for months. He wanted me or his social worker to take him. He was talking about visiting her alone. I am SO glad that when he visits it will be with his sister and his aunt (the aunt is mom's ex-husband's sister). It will mean, I hope, that the visit itself is less intense and certainly will mean that he will have people around him to help him process it all.

If I remember correctly he is also getting to see his baby sister (is she 5 now?) this weekend.

This is the first kid I have had who had a connection to an extended family. Wonder of wonders, it is a healthy family who offers him unconditional love.

What a gift.

Evan gets a job

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