Saturday, April 29, 2006


Very few people in my real life know about this blog.

I decided that is the way that it needs to be. I cannot possibly do this if people who know my kids are reading it. The kids all know and have said they don't mind as long as I am not using people's real names.

A couple of friends who live far away know about it. One local person who I completely trust to maintain anonymity knows. I know that my mother-in-law would love to know about it. She would love to see daily updates on my family and she genuinely seems to like the things I write. Unfortunately I know that not being able to send it to the 350 people on her Christmas card list would be torture.

I have a program that tracks how many people come to the blog. It's fun to know. I know that most of the poeple who visit come from Lionmom and Gawdessness's blogs (at least recently). Whenever Granny mentions the blog there is always a bump. It's cool.

I looked the other day at some of the information that the program will tell me about my visitors. I saw that someone from my job was reading it. OMG!!! Who? Whoever they are they are reading it a lot...daily. When I realize that other people are reading it a lot, people who have introduced themselves and lurkers, that is cool. But who is it in my real life that is reading this? Why have they not told me? Very, very creepy.

Then Hubby explained to me. I told the tracker program not to count me, but I did it from home with the internet provider we have here. When I am logged in at work, I appear to be a different user.

I am my own stalker.


  1. That's funny. Worried American, the other writer on the political blog, accident commented under one of her other user names (she has far too many) and I introduced her as a new visitor to the blog. Oops.


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