Saturday, April 22, 2006

Evan is home

A friend invited me to her house for sushi this evening. It meant not picking Evan up at the airport with Hubby and not being here for the first couple of hours. I decided it was a great idea.

We rolled our own [sushi] and I was proclaimed to be the very best first-time roller ever. I suspsect that was an extreme exaggeration, but it was nice to hear. [For those of you who have not done put a rectangular piece of seaweed on a little bamboo mat. You cover the seaweed with rice and then a line of whatever -- fish, crab, cucumber... The real trick is not to put too much stuff on it. You then roll the mat. There is a little trick to it that I cannot explain in words, but after you get it all rolled you slice it. I was having so much fun rolling it that I made far more than I ate. My kind host let me take it home for the kids. Evan and Andrew are very grateful. Hubby sweetly tried one and Brian said the "fumes" made him feel faint.]

I came home and Evan greeted me. He told me that everything is harder than he thought it would be. I tried to tell him that it is normal for it to be hard. It was okay to be afraid and it was okay to talk about being afraid.

He cried a little and kept trying to reassure me that he did not want to take the drug (because detox is so horrible) and that he was going to be okay.

He said he is sure that it will get has to, right?

I gave him my cell phone. He is now talking with someone now.


  1. Please forgive me if I say the first sentence of your second paragraph scared the poo out of me.

    Oh, you meant you rolled your own sushi.


    I'm glad he's home and I hope it goes well for him. Hope you're doing okay.

  2. Sorry Granny! I was not trying to "get you back" for the line about Ray being in heaven. Still it feels a little poetic.

    I edited it...even added some more lines about how it is done. [Edits are in brackets like this.]


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