Monday, December 11, 2006

Someone has heard from Evan

I just got an email from Evan's social worker.

She got an email from him, and I didn't. ('s because she wrote to ask if he got there okay. I've sent off my own email.) In any case, he made it to the house alive and well. That's all the news.

She also understands the mood of my family. Her parents were (and are still) foster parents with the same agency. (One of the reasons that of all the social workers she would be the most likely to pretend she did not hear anything about the blog. She really understands the need for support).

We all love Evan and we all will miss him in our own ways. As one reader suggests, Brian may mostly miss having someone to torment, but still, Evan will be missed.

Just at the moment though everyone is sighing. It is peaceful, and it is good that it is peaceful. Some of the anxiety that is gone had to do with Evan's desire to be in charge, and part of it was just because of the reasonable anxiety he was going through getting ready to leave. It produced tension and now that tension is gone.

But if he emailed the social worker he better email me too.


  1. best you get to emailing him! he is male, 19, and of a certain mind set. i find that boys like that are like pavlov's dog, they need a cue to remember! it's a genetic marker. i'm glad he is there and settling in. you will hear from him soon!!

  2. I'm glad that he got there ok. I don't grudge him that flight, well ok maybe just a little bit. LOL

    I hope you hear from him soon.


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