Thursday, December 21, 2006

MIss E update

I took Miss E to the optomotrist on Friday. We had a fairly decent time together, and it meant that I completely missed the flooding toilet episode at home (shame, that). I was very pleased that she was able to pick out frames there. I have had to take kids to the "optical shop" and the health department, which is a small room with a small selection of frames. It is open only a few hours a week. I have also had optomotrists go get a box of frames from which the kids have to choose. This doctor had a relatively large selection, and they were on the display wall. He just told her that her insurance would pay for any of the glasses in this section.

It took a while, but she did finally find a pair she liked. I learned, by the way, that the glasses that I think are really attractive are the sort of thing that old people like, while the glasses that look to me to be very old fashioned are what young people wear.

We spent two hours together, and it was nice. The agency will also be buying her contacts, but they get them from a different vendor.

I still take her to school in the mornings. Today is the last day before winter break and it is a half day. Miss E was late coming out. She was angry. The pantry was locked because the other girl who lives there "can't be trusted" and so she couldn't pack her lunch. She has to work after school from 1:00-7:00. She hates living there. She has to lock her bedroom door so the other girl won't steal from her. It was better at the teen shelter, much better. She should not have to live the way she does now, with food locked up.

Now, Miss E was probably supposed to pack her lunch last night while mom was home. She also has money and could get someone to give her a quick lift to a store between school and work. I did however tell her that I would drop her off something to eat. Very codependent of me -- should have let her suffer the consequences of her own actions (not packing last night). I won't make a habit of it though.

I'm tempted to email her social worker to tell her the days I have already agreed to take Jackie for respite. I would not be surprised if Miss E will need a break, but I won't be able to have both girls here together.

Next on Miss E: Follow up on "they didn't ask to be in care"

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