Saturday, December 09, 2006

6 hours

Evan keeps coming out of his room debating whether the thing he is holding in his hand should go into the bags for Scotland or be left here. Do I think he has too much? His counselor, who has taken many long trips told him that if he packs enough for two weeks he will be fine and he's only packed 12 pairs of long pants, not fourteen. So it's not too much, right?

He apologizes because he will be leaving the room in such a mess, but do I mind cleaning it? No, I do not mind. I will go in with a rag, the vacuum and a trash bag. "But if you find something that shouldn't be thrown away you will keep it for me, won't you?"

But what about his carry on bags? He has his laptop, and his iPod, and his camera...and a book and some food, plus all the cords. Is that enough? "Well, you will be traveling for more than 24 hours, do you want clean underwear or a toothbrush?" "Yeah...I will get those."

I stepped into his room. It is cold and bare. Posters we had bought for the room fell from the walls ages ago and have been put into the back of the closet. Framed photos of his sister and other loved ones are packed in boxes. The shelves hold nothing but dust and a few pieces of junk.

We leave in the house in 6 hours. I should try to sleep.


  1. I'll be thinking of Evan, and of you.

  2. We are thinking of you too.

  3. Wow, time just flew by. Thinking of all of you.


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