Tuesday, December 12, 2006

He emailed!


I got an email from him.

He is enjoying the constant rain.

The veggies are much, much better there.

Everyone seems nice and his room is wired up so that he can just plug his iPod in.

There is a second bed, but the person who will be his roommate won't be there for a few weeks, although will be visiting before then.

The house is getting broadband Internet, instead of the dial-up they currently have, next week so sending me photos will be easier although there are a couple of kinks to be worked out.

It makes me so very happy to have heard from him.


  1. I'm so glad he wrote you. And he seems to be settling in -- yay!

    Be well.

  2. Sounds like he's doing well. I'm glad. It must have been reassuring to get an email from him.

  3. So glad to hear Evan is doing well.

    Out of curiosity, does the new roommate know that Evan is gay? I know that the first roommate experience was a challenge for some of my gay friends in college (more accurately, I should say that it was a challenge for their roommates). Hopefully things work out for Evan. I suppose they can always bond over the iPods :)

  4. I'm glad we've heard from him. Notice how I am invested in his story now! I hope it works our and is a great experience for him.

  5. Exciting!! Evans adventure begins!

  6. That's great. So far, so good.


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