Sunday, December 24, 2006


I spent the morning fiddling with the blog and being available in case anyone wanted to bake cookies.

Around 2:00 Andrew showed up. We made golden bars (little more than brown sugar and butter), and pecan puffs. I mostly fetched and cleaned up and he did most of the actual mixing and such. We stopped for dinner thinking that we might do ginger bread people when we finished, but decided we were done. If Brian or David really want to do ginger bread people or, G-d help me, sugar cookies, we still can.

He even let me play carols all afternoon. I hate them in the stores, but find them necessary if I am baking Christmas cookies.

Hubby and Brian left around 1:00 to spend the afternoon in hell shopping in The City. They are picking David up when he gets off work in the furthest reaches of that hell the mall at 7:00pm.

And I heard from Evan. The meal he cooked for everyone went fine and...

There are five children ages 5,8,11,13,17.... So the kids love me....they tend to hit and pull and abuse me...but they like that i can take it haha...we went hiking and all the boys wanted me to go their way....stay way up front and keep up with them. Had a really great time. Then on the way back the 8 yr old decided he no longer could walk and would I carry him....carry him...about a mile back to where the mini bus. Which I did...haha all the way back, he weighed about 30lbs an it wasnt such a bad thing...just me...back up a hill was quite the work out. Merry chrismas! an ill be sending photos soon again....wooo

So right now I am sitting alone in the quiet living room. Andrew has gone down to his room. Hubby will be home in a while with two of my other kids. All the presents are wrapped. And I have nothing I need to do.

Life is good.

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