Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Last Full Day

This is it folks, the last day Evan will be here.

Hubby asked, well, won't he be here for part of the day tomorrow? Answer: Only that part you spend rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. We leave the house at 7:30am. I am a date at my friend's house in The City for breakfast, a good cry, and time spent quilting.

It is 23 1/2 hours until we leave the house tomorrow. Evan has packed his room and moved all his boxes to his grandmother's house. His mother came by last night to take him shopping for a few toiletries. Today he does laundry and packs his bags. His grandmother, aunt, mother, and two sisters will be coming over for a casual pizza dinner.

Last night Evan and Brian were annoying each other. Actually Brian was annoying Evan. But annoying Evan is, as one of the commenters stated, as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Brian wasn't even trying. Brian was emotional last evening. Early in the evening he cried in frustration because he could not teach the dog a new trick. Later he was excited and bouncing up and down next to me (which happened also to be next to Evan) waiting for me to get him something. His excitement seemed exaggerated, acted, and being tired I asked him if he could please stop bouncing. He said he did not think he could.

Evan, "Brian, cut it out!"
Brian, "What? I can't. I'm just excited."
Evan, "Brian, don't push my buttons tonight."
Brain, looking innocent, "You have buttons? Where are your buttons?"
Evan, "Don't go there, Brian. I'm warning you..."
Brian, "Go where? I'm not going anywhere."

UGGG... I wanted to hit both of them over the head. Brian for clearly trying to provoke Evan and Evan for making it so d*mn EASY.

I'm tempted to arrange a play date and send Brian away for the day. I won't though.

Brian loves little kids and I think I will put him in charge of entertaining Baby Sister (age four) for at least part of the evening. She adores animals and maybe the two of them can keep each other occupied.

We shall see how it goes.

Update: Evan wants to leave the house at 6:30am. Sigh. Better early than late, I guess, but I should warn my friend.


  1. Goodbye, Evan, and good luck on your journey.

    ...and good luck to you, Beth, that you won't miss him too much. You've done a great things for him, however things turn out overseas.

  2. Wow, your little birdy is flying away. It is our job to give them roots and wings, but then, why is it so hard to see them fly? Hope everything goes well.


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