Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Registration today, I hope [update: success]

So the whole probation issue is a object lesson for me regarding the dangers of excessive worry. There were many phone calls yesterday. Those of us who know Gary had expectations of minimal cooperation from people who don't know Gary well. People who don't know Gary well were uncooperative. Alternate routes were considered. Assurances came in from many people that they agreed that the charter school is the best place for Gary. I got more information about the sort of peer issues he is facing at Our Town High (confirmed by third party). The counselor agreed that a move was in his best interest. Everyone agreed to call the principal to convince her that his minimal probation restrictions did not mean that he could not attend a high school shares a building with kids as young as five.

We were prepared.

Then we sat down with the paper work from the school. It asked if the student had ever been suspended. We truthfully answered "no."

It did not ask if the student had ever been arrested or was on parole or probation.

It just didn't ask.

Everyone looked over the paper work twice. Really? Don't the other high schools all have that question? Perhaps they don't have it because they have recently added the high school grades and are still using elementary school forms?

Whatever. They don't ask and Gary has no legal obligation to disclose.

So, all that worrying we did? Never mind.

Gary does have a legal obligation to follow his restrictions. So if anyone asks him to babysit, he has to say no. He doesn't have to say why though.

So I feel a bit silly getting all worked up about it.

Oh...and it is still possible that he will be moved to unsupervised probation. The PO is hoping that a letter from his counselor who has been working with him for a year will be accepted in lieu of a letter from the director of the group home who barely knows him at all. We will see.

Still, this afternoon I will be going to the charter school with all his registration materials.

As long as the state worker faxes in his paper work, Gary may be able to start tomorrow.

Update: We got all the paper work turned in. Gary starts tomorrow. The state worker still had not faxed in his copies of things, but they took my word that it is all on the way.

I am extremely exhausted, but happy.


  1. That Rocks!!! I'm glad for Gary. I think probably one of the hardest things that anybody who has been convicted or adjudicated/sentenced to probation or prison faces is the discrimination post-release.

    There really aren't many fresh starts for anybody nowadays but I'm very glad that Gary found a loophole that gave him one.

    Out of curiousity, are there any terms of his probation that require spontaneous disclosure? For instance, some sex offenders (I read about this not long ago online) are required to register as sex offenders even if no one else knows they're there. Some are required to notify schools/churches in the area when they are nearby, etc.

    In other words, is there any way NOT disclosing can come back to bite you or Gary in the butt later on?

  2. No. There are no requirements that Gary spontaneous disclose -- only that he follow his restrictions.


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