Monday, October 06, 2008

Love my social worker

So I emailed her to say that I was glad she was back in the office after her one-week workshop and knew she must be swamped. Also the physicians office just called and there was some problem with Gary's medicaid and they couldn't see him this afternoon unless we could get it worked out. Also I wanted to talk about Gary's wheel spinning about education...

Within one hour I got back an email in which she said that she called Medicaid and it should be fixed. I should call the phyisician and double-check. (It was).

She also suggested that we meet with Gary soon about about school. She agreed we needed to talk on-line schooling off the table. We will meet tomorrow at 4:15. Hopefully by then I will have heard from the Arts school and will have some sort of answer on whether he has any chance of getting in this year. Exactly what we tell him will depend upon that answer, but we are agreed that though we are not opposed to Gary going to a charter school if he can get in, this wheel-spinning isn't good for him.

Did I mention that I love my social worker? And the agency?

They really are the best.

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