Saturday, October 11, 2008

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The report concludes that Palin had the right to fire Monegan (Head Trooper) for any reason or not reason. They believe that Monegan's refusal to fire Wooten (the ex-brother-in-law) was part of the reason.

The report also concludes that Palin abused power in her efforts and in support of her husband's efforts to have Trooper Wooten fired.

Acorn works to register voters in neighborhoods in which few people are registered, primarily non-white and poor. They hire people to do the footwork and pay them per registration. This always produces fraudulant forms. People fill out forms for "Yondalla PFLAG," "Yondalla Fostermom", and "Yondalla Blogger" even though Yondalla says she is already registered under her real name. Acorn goes through the forms and finds most of the fraudulant ones and, as is the law in most states, turns them in to the office in two piles: the ones we think are good and the ones we are sure are bad. This is why you may have heard a news story in which an official who is required to review all the forms may have referred to a whole pile as "the fake ones." Acorn labeled them as fake. The official still has to go through them and may well be annoyed that Acorn hired people who were not trustworthy.

Note though even if Acorn and the elections office do NOT catch all the fraudulant registrations, only one Yondalla (the one who uses her real name) shows up to vote. There are people who are being hurt in this situation, including Acorn against whom the original fraud was perpetrated, but people voting twice is not even alleged.

The really bad thing that can happen is that real registrations will be tossed in the purge of fake ones.

The best thing that can happen is that hundreds of voters who would not otherwise take part in the democratic process are empowered to do so.

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  1. palin gives pitbulls a bad name.

    Thus far I've pretty much agreed with your political views.

    and I think I've learned alot about fostering. Which eventually I think I'd like to do, if I can convince my hubby.

    I wouldn't mind reading your private blog.
    just email the invite to
    Thanks, Michelle


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