Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deep Questions

Did the Shih Tzu go crazy barking last night because the Spastic Cat knocked his litter box off of the puppy-proof-disable-kitty-accessible litter box platform, or did the Spastic Cat knock the litter box and all the litter on the floor because the Shih Tzu went crazy barking?

I'm inclined to think the later.


After cleaning the bathroom and threatening to kill a dog (who responded by wagging his tail with a "since we're up do you want to play?" look), I was unable to sleep.

So I graded logic exams from 1:30am -3:00am.

And now I am at work without the textbook for my class because I was so exhausted I just sort of stumbled out of the door.

Today my schedule is jammed with advisee appointments, of course only the students who don't need to see me will show up, class, a faculty meeting, and then capped off with the month social worker visit at home.

Sometimes I really hate my animals.

Sorry this has nothing to do with foster care.

You know, my teenagers almost NEVER wake me up at night. This is why I don't do babies. I need sleep. I have always had a hard time getting back to sleep if something wakes me, then I am not worth a thing the rest of the day.

If it weren't for the advisee appointments I might take a sick day and go home and sleep. If they don't show up, I will be forced to hunt them down and shoot them...after getting some sleep of course.

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  1. Sleep, my friend, my lover, my most sought after prize. I treasure it above chocolate and a good book.


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