Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This am:

"Gary, where is your social security card?"

"In my wallet."

"Okay, where is your wallet?"

"I left it at ____ house."

"I should have it to register you today. Well hopefully they will take the photocopy. Hun, you know you shouldn't carry it in your wallet, right?"

Blank stare of the teenager.

"When you get your wallet back, would you please give it to me? I am supposed to keep it in your binder." (Every kid in the agency has a binder with a bunch of stuff like that in it.)

Continued blank, cold stare.

"You okay?"


"Okaaay...could you respond to what I said?"

"I heard you."

"Okay, I just want to make sure you understand that the reason we tell you not to carry your card is that it could be pretty disastrous if someone got that number. If you don't want to give it to me, please put it in your lock box."

Cold. blank. stare.

Hmm...they do pick the strangest things to have power struggles over. I stood there and looked back and considered my options. How important is it to ME to have the social security card or that he keep it in his lock box? Is this something I want to fight about? I mean, really. Is he carrying it around in his wallet out of some sort of need to have his most important documents on his person? Or is he doing it because we told him not to and he doesn't want to be Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes all the time? Or does he just keep forgetting and is annoyed that I am repeating information he has already been told?

I confess that I am annoyed that I am getting this attitude right in the middle of my dedicating large amounts of time and energy into getting him transferred to the charter school.

I ponder. I give him what I hope is a curious, though somewhat long, look.

I say, "So hopefully you will be able to go to the charter school tomorrow. Does it feel good to be facing your possibly last day at Our Town High?"

"No. I don't want to go at all."

I pat him on the back. "I know sweetie." I leave the kitchen.

I chose not to fight that battle. It was pretty stupid and to difficult to win if he decided to fight back. I don't have doubts about that choice.

But I still feel a bit annoyed at the little pooper for giving me attitude RIGHT NOW.

So I had to blog about it.


  1. I can relate! Sometimes it seems like your entire life revolves around someone else, and instead of being recognized and appreciated for all you do...all you get is ATTITUDE!

    Hoping all goes as planned.

  2. What a stinker! Won't it be fun if someone steals his identity because he was carrying the card around in his wallet?

    Natural consequences...natural consequences...

    They are the best for disciplining children, aren't they?

  3. I hope this doesn't appear twice, it didn't go through the first time.

    Don't you wonder what on earth was going on in his brain? Sometimes I wonder if my girls are even thinking about what I'm talking about or if they're planning their hair for prom. I swear, teenagers are difficult.

    Ironically, at a recent sleep study for a family member, the technician said that within 5 years they expect to have technology that will convert the brain waves to pictures/sounds/smells, etc. They literally will be able to conduct sleep studies that show your dream the way you see it. (Scary isn't it) I heard they're planning on using it to determine if pedophiles are "cured" or not (?) by monitoring whether or not they are aroused during REM sleep (supposedly every human adult physically able to reach arousal does so during REM sleep) and what they're seeing when they become aroused.

    Oddly, though, I really could care less about that. I'd like some of that technology so I can hook it to my daughter's skull when I'm lecturing her so I can know what she's thinking.

    Now THAT'S science I like!

  4. I am sorry, I chuckled. I guess he is a real live boy after all. Because of course they have to act like that when you are doing something for them, it is what they do. I don't want to trade anymore.


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