Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama, again

I've seen this photo in a couple of places and it stays with me:

It expresses so much of why I feel as strongly as I do about an Obama victory.

It is difficult to explain to people. There is that first level where I mostly agree with him on a bunch of issues. Not everything, but a lot of them. Then there is the way his even, calm temperament inspires confidence. I just can easily imagine taking a nap while he drives the bus, you know? And I like Biden too. One blogger/columnist I read in the past week or so, but can't recall where, said his is that uncle that you hope won't corner you at Thanksgiving because he tends to talk too much, and who you would be the first person you would go to if you were in trouble.

Though I did often wish Obama had more experience (the more I have seen how he runs the campaign the less I worry about that) and still think that Hillary's health care plan is better (but his is more likely to pass), in many ways Obama "had" me in 2004 when he said "We worship an awesome G-d in the blue states and yes we have some gay friends in the red states." That sentence still moves me to tears.

And on top of that he is likely to be the first African American President of our country. That alone would not for me be a reason to vote for him, but that on top of a bunch of good reasons to vote for him is so powerful I do not have the words. What it would mean for my kids, for the boy in that photo, to grow up with this man as president...

I want to live in that country so bad.
Five more days.


  1. You put my thoughts into words!


  2. I do too sister, I do too!

  3. That photo reminds me of something a friend of mine once told me. She studied commerce in university and articled at a big fancy finance firm where she went on to achieve great success. She told me that the hardest thing about being a woman achieving success in a male dominated field is that no one looks at you and sees themself. Male managers can find male proteges who were "just like them at the same age" and see their success without the junior person having to prove anything, but that rarely happens for women in male-dominated fields. I look at that little boy and am moved to tears that someone with power is looking at him and thinking "I was just like you."

    I still have a secret little wish that it was a photo of Hilary looking at a young girl, but eh, you can't have everything.

  4. Okay to start with, I'm not bashing either of the guys (or the gal) but I'm looking for help as I'm 100% undecided. Seriously. This far in the game. I'm completely undecided.

    I'm just curious since you are for Obama... aren't you even a LITTLE concerned about all his associations with six known terrorists? One I could understand as an accidental association, but six? C'mon...

    What also gets me is Obama is WASTING money to push back the World Series in order to air his little broadcast tonight. Isn't it like 1 million per station? That's a WASTE of money in my opinion. That does concern me as that money could be put to much better use campaigning in other ways, but too late now.

    Another thing is that Obama supports partial birth abortions. Sorry. Personally, I'm against them. Sure, I believe in the right to choose, but to a certain extent. Once it becomes survivable (key word here is survivable) outside the womb, I no longer believe in that right.

    Then, let's not forget he has no foreign policy experience. Other than being Senator, what real experience does he (personally) have to run this country? Let's be real here... He hasn't even served in the military has he? (I'm seriously asking as I don't know). Sure his VP may have all this, but his VP isn't the one running to be the HEAD man here...

    Now, let's talk McCain. He's old. Very old. In fact, wouldn't he be the oldest president elected? How is his health? Rumor had it not so great. In fact, doesn't he have cancer?

    Then there's Palin. Sure, she's a woman, which I think is great. She's all about the family, which I also think is great.

    She REALLY pissed me though off by saying she was pro-life and saying that her son, who has Downs, is proof of that. What SANE person has an abortion because of Downs anyway? That really doesn't speak of pro-life in my book.

    I also don't like the fact that Palin wants to restrict what our children read and what we as adults read. What's in the libraries shouldn't be the governments choice. My eyes, my brain. I should be able to read and research what I want, when I want. Add into that fact she wants to put prayer in schools when I believe that should be a personal choice, and once again, not a political one...

    Besides that, both candidates are against gay marriage.Honestly though, it'd be political suicide to state otherwise.

    It's rough and tough. I have things against both parties and I have things for both parties. I want a change for America, but I also want what's best for America as well.

    I want my decision to be as informed as possible. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope you understand that's my reason for asking questions about what I've been presented with thus far.

  5. I am hijacking your comments to respond to one thing GirlSpeaks asks with some facts: Obama's 30 minute speech last night did not push back the world series game. The game was scheduled to begin at 7:30 CST/8:30 est and the only thing the ad canceled was the pre-game show. And that cancellation was a decision by Fox -and Fox even admits(and keep in mind that they are Obama supporters by any stretch of the imagination). They were offered the ad awhile ago, and it was their choice to run it at that time. Yay Phillies

    And a question back at you about foreign policy - isn't a Nation's policy always (or shouldn't it be) formed by a group of informed persons and experts rather than one person exerting his will and then it is the President's role to represent that policy to the world at large? I have no doubts at all that Obama will represent America worldwide much better than W did or that McCain ever could.

    Don't let me get started on the nonsense about the supposed terrorists Obama associates with, cause then I would have to enumerate the ones that are associated with McCain (and surprise, some of those are one and the same)


  6. Girlspeaks,

    I wrote a post to respond to your comments, but then decided I didn't want a whole post about things so political. Feel free to email me if you want it to send it to you. I think you were asking for some information and I did my best to just answer the questions I could.

    Please go to or other independent sources to double check some of the things you have heard, especially the associations questions.

    My own opinion is that Obama understands the forgein policy issues very well, and that he is better equipped to mend our relationships with other countries.

  7. Yondalla, it's me (Gmail- new baby in July etc)... email me the post when you have the time... I can't seem to pull up your email address for some reason!

  8. Girlspeaks - I think you could really benefit by reading this post -

    Partial birth abortion isn't about abortion, it's about giving doctors the choice to do what they need to to save a woman's life. Banning the procedures they call partial birth abortion will make the difference between a couple's baby dying and a husband losing his wife and baby.

    No one wants healthy late term babies killed because they're unwanted, but that's not what's happening and it's disgusting that someone is using the lives of women and emotive language to get votes.


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