Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh the irony

I spent most of the weekend trying not to guilty about feeling sad and irritable that Andrew doesn't call me and trying not to feel guilty that I wasn't calling my mother.

This morning I sent an irritable-trying-to-be-nice email to Andrew saying that that it was very important for him to notifiy the appropriate person at my college that he intended to reapply for the tuition exchange scholarship (the process for which consists of calling her telling her that he wants to do it) AND request a user ID for me from his university so that I can pay his room and board bill. Both of these things are things he needs to do for himself, but to give him a little extra motivation I will send him the spending money I promised right after he does it.

I clicked send and then almost immediately got an email from my father-in-law saying, "I haven't heard from you guys about the financial information that [the trust planner] needs to make decisions for the cottage money. Feel free to call me if you need help. I'm meeting with her Monday and it would be really nice if we had that information by then."


Being a mother and a daughter can be difficult.

And then I think about all the kids in the system who would be happy to have such a privileged problem.

Oh, I can sure work myself up into a guilt sand trap sometimes.

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