Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gary and Girls

Gary gets along better with girls than with boys. He is also very comfortable talking with Roland, and likes his therapist who is a man. So this isn't a "man" thing. It is just, generally speaking, he is more likely to have girls as friends.

And the girls like him.

A lot.

The arts charter school is predominantly female. I can't get accurate numbers, but the boys insist that it is 60-70% female in the high school. Given that it is a charter school whose only PE course is dance (hip hop, or whatever is cool these days, but still), that seems plausible.

Gary says he feels like like a deer walking through a wolf pack.

Although he smiles when he says that. At the big high school he also found himself to be under a sort of surveilance and at risk for a certain kind of attack. This sort of threat he feels at the art school is much easier to take. I believe him though when he says it isn't easy.

Things have been rough with the girlfriend from the other charter school. Let's not worry about the details, except to remember that the rockiness started before he went to this school. She has been suggesting that they be "on a break." Gary complained that he didn't know what that was. I told him that I once had a boyfriend suggest we go on a break. He asked me what I said and I told him, "I said no. I said that if he wanted to we could break up and if he was welcome to ask me out in a month or year. I would probably say yes, if I was available." Gary said that was really helpful and sent a text to the girlfriend, who is now definitely (though not necessarily permanently) in the category of "ex."

Which leaves him free to flirt with "the hottest girl in school" who he is hoping, will ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Of course in the meantime, he has to fend off all the other girls who are asking.

Brian told him that every girl in school thinks he is hot. Gary did not believe him and called girl at school who is definitely a friend and not potential romantic entanglement (they've known each other for years). Said girl confirmed saying that the field though had narrowed. Several girls had "called dibs" and warned off all the others.

It's a rough life.

I asked him what he was going to do today. He said, "Clean the downstairs and flirt with girls."

"Girls? Plural."


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