Thursday, October 02, 2008

My head hurts's a political post.

Does Sarah Palin know what "Achilles' heel" means? Or was she just following her pre-established strategy of giving the prepared answers without regard to whatever the d*mn question was?

I'm sorry if that sounded snarky; I really didn't mean it to. I have to say that I was repeatedly amazed at her ability to totally ignore the questions and deliver her talking points.

And I was impressed with Biden. He knew his stuff. Everyone was worried about whether he could debate a woman and not look like a bully. He didn't. He managed to correct things she said that weren't true without looking like he was attacking her. And he actually answered the questions.

And I am relieved that Palin didn't have any of what I have begun to think of as "Palin-moments." Okay, so she called McKiernan "McClellan" and she said, "nucular" and she did say that she wouldn't "blame all of man's activities on global warming" but she didn't embarass herself, and I am very, very glad about that.

Cause I am ready to talk about something else.

And now I am going to take some headache pills and go to bed.


  1. She did well, but only becuase she was reading off that script. It's when she had to think for herself that all hell breaks loose and she looks like an idiot.

    A friend of mine has a great shirt, it looks like the McCain*Palin emblem but says Mccain* UTERUS

    Too funny!

  2. "and she said, "nucular""

    Great...a female version of Bush.

    ...and here I go worrying about my diction every now and then AND English is my second language!LOL

    I'll just say I went to the same college they attended and call it a day!

  3. I am ever so glad that one's over. And I think Biden won, don't care what the Republican pundits say.

    I'm tired of the winking, too.


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