Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog Roll

The blog roll, or notification box, is not for me. It is a service to my readers. When I consider whether to put a blog on the blog roll I debate whether it would be of interest to someone who is considering parenting a child who is or has been in care.

So I include every blog I find that is primarily about foster care or adoption from foster care, or about parenting children with challenges typical to kids in foster care. I also include social workers and foster care alumni.

I may read, but don't typically include:
-blogs written by people who are part of the private adoption triad
-blogs written by people who are adopting internationally
-blogs written by parents whose children were at one time in foster care but whose blog is rarely if ever about foster care or the parenting challenges common to people who adopt from foster care.

As I said, I read such blogs. Many are on my Google reader. I don't put them on the blog roll here because they are not related to the topic that this blog is theoretically focused on (I know I stray).

But as I said, the blog roll is a service to you, so if you have any thoughts about what sort of blogs should be added, let me know.

And here are two blogs I am adding today:

Mother Issues
"I'm Thorn. My partner Lee and I are at the very beginning of our journey to become mothers via special needs adoption. This is a part of our stories."

Third time's the charm?
"There is a huge “family” of bloggers who are walking the same path, facing the same issues, struggling in the same way. We are the parents of special needs children. We all came into it in different ways — birth, adoption, foster care — but our lives are amazingly similar. Like all parents, we do our best to help our children, but the things we face are different than those parenting most children."


  1. Thanks for the list, it's great! I just started blogging and at the same time just started taking the steps towards becoming a foster parent. The sites I have found about foster care have been so helpful!

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Wow, thanks for the link. I somehow didn't notice that my first time through your post. You've been one of my required reads for a long time and I'm glad to be on your list.

  3. I actually would be interested in seeing all the stuff you read, not just the stuff related to this topic. Some of the coolest blogs I've found have been that way.


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