Monday, October 06, 2008

Art School Could Happen!

Okay, so I got a call from the principal of the arts charter school. She would like for his transcript to be faxed to her tomorrow and she will see if she can build a schedule for him so that he can transfer immediately.

The only hitch is that he has to "focus" in either drama or music. At this point all the kids in music have been playing for years and the principal says she can't put a beginning into band. She assumes, correctly, that he doesn't sing or dance. Brian has been talking to him about all this. What it means is that he will be taking drama every year and will need to do a senior project. It doesn't have to be acting though. Well, he will have to do some acting in class, but his senior project can be something like set or lighting design and construction. He will have to take part in dramatic productions, but again, it can be in things like lighting. That sounds very reasonable to him.

So all of this is falling into place. Before we got the call I told him that I really did not think he was going to be able to do on-line schooling. He agreed. He also said that the more he heard about the girlfriend's charter school the less interested he was. (I am not surprised. Their organizing idea is all about discipline.)

So it looks like he will be making a decision without our telling him that he has to choose between two options that we have picked. I have to send out his transcript to the charter school tomorrow. It is possible that she won't be able to fit him into the classes he needs, but she doesn't anticipate a problem with a sophomore. He may be able to start this week.

He knows that going there will mean an investment in things like uniforms (polo shirts in any color with the school logo with khaki or navy pants -- no jeans), and so we will insist that he commit to it.

The truth is that if he really wants to come back to Our Town High he can, but I'm not telling him that. We won't though support him transfering from this to a different charter school. I personally think it is good that he won't be in his girlfriend's charter. It would be pretty horrible if they broke up. Of course he could start dating someone from this school and break up with her, but at least she wouldn't be the reason he went there in the first place.

Anyhoo, that's the news.

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  1. Love it!

    Tell Gary that the internet world applauds his courageous and responsible decision, with a big ole pat on the back LOL.


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