Friday, October 03, 2008

New Job?

For Gary that is.

Yesterday he called his social worker and said that he wanted out of the job training program for now. Then he called the job training program and they said, "Oh! We are so glad you called! We found a job for you!"

So he's going to stick with the program for a while.

If all the details fall into place, he will be working at the Y. Some agency or other will pay most of his salary for 3 months. They will even pay for the training for the job like, for instance, if what the Y really needs is lifeguards, which they do.

Although Gary doesn't want to be a lifeguard.

Anyway, I am sitting at the sidelines, making encouraging noises while he figures this out. He agreed the other day that he probably feels like he is too busy because he is stressed, although cutting back on what he is doing might be a short-term help in dealing with stress. We talked about the need for him to learn to find the calm place in him that will allow him to relax in the moment. He knows that he needs to do that.

I'm still moderately crazy-busy. I feel like I shouldn't neglect the blog, but I also feel like what I have to write is not particularly interesting.

Can you tell I am crazy-tired?

I may go take a nap.

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