Friday, March 31, 2006

Three days not alone

My three days with Georgia were interesting and good. She is, by the way, is the same person who tried to help me make tamales a while back.

She is also a recovering addict.

I made a lot of tasteless jokes with my sponsor and counselor about it. You see, I had worried about whether the strides I have been making in the 12-step program was really going to "stick." I mean, it is easy to pretend to have a "let go" and only worry about my own problems when no one around me has a lot of problems. How could I know if I was ready. I told my sponsor that I wished there was a way to practice.


I wanted practice and so the universe sent me Georgia for three days. The universe sent her at that particular point because she was going to get one piece of terrible news after another. She needed to be in a quiet house while she dealt with it, and I after all, had actually said that I wanted to practice staying calm while a recovering addict was stressing out in my house.

I am pleased to report that we both seemed to have come through it fine. I got my practice and I really do feel more confident of my ability to breathe deep and remain calm.

Georgia has it tougher though. I think it was good for her to have several days of quiet.

I hope so.

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  1. It's good that she had you and that quiet place. So many don't.


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