Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home alone ( Sunday)

I wrote this on Sunday and it seemed a bit dry. I thought I would work on it more and publish it later, but now I view it was part of history, so up it goes.


Tomorrow morning Hubby is getting into the van with Andrew and Brian and they are going on a road trip.

Andrew is only a sophmore, but he is interested in visiting some colleges. I took him to the big college fair in the fall. So now he is going off to a liberal town to wander around on a couple of campuses. Nothing very formal, just looking around. They are all very excited.

I'm not going. I said it first. "I probably shouldn't be there. Andrew would probably get a better sense of what he likes without me pointing out everything that I think is good or bad about the school." Everyone nodded.

So the boys are going on a trip.

And I am staying home alone.

Part of me is excited. The house to myself for four days and three nights. The peace and quiet! No one will turn on stupid TV shows. No one will leave messes in the kitchen or bathroom. Of course I will have to feed crickets to the toad, food cubes to the rats, feed and walk the dog, and feed the "downstairs cat" in addition to my usual chores of feeding the upstairs cat and cleaning her litter box.

I am missing them already.

Hubby and I have each left the other with the kids while we go to some conference or wedding or something. The kids and I have gone on a couple of trips and left Hubby here, but the last time I was "home alone" was in the summer of 1992.

Very, very strange.

It should go by quickly. I work during the day and have plans with friends on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will be back sometime late Thursday.

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  1. Doing laundry. I'll be back to read later.


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