Monday, March 06, 2006

ANOTHER letter from Evan

He actually wrote a second letter.

He told me about his roommate who did not last long by the way. Too bad, since he was so hot.

He seems to have got himself into a bind. See, he never actually told the guys there that he is gay. Evan does have to tell people, if they are going to know. He played football for a while in high school and he looks, sounds, and moves like a football player. He comes home laughing to tell me how once again someone asked him if the rumor was true -- was HE gay?

He is out, but in a very relaxed way. If you ask, he will tell you. If he is interested in dating you, he will offer the information. He went there and was going through de-tox. He was not interested in talking about sex or sexuality or anything.

So here the poor kid, hanging out with straight men in an all-male environment. They go on outings to where all the pretty people are (and there are LOTS of pretty people where he is) and everyone asks him if he has noticed some woman's breasts (only not in those words). So far he has not said, "No...but check out that guy's ass!" He's close though...very, very close.

He asked me to send him back issues of Out, Advocate, ANYTHING. I don't know if he wants them just because he wants them or so that he can leave them out where they can be seen. Maybe I should send him a hot-guy post card.

It's ironic because we sent him 1000 miles away so that he could be in a gay-friendly place, and he is more closeted than he was here!

The staff knows, I think. I mean, I think they know that that is why we sent him there.

On the other hand one of the AA meetings they go to every week is in a gay neighborhood and he really, really enjoys that one.

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  1. It would be a casual way to have the penny drop wouldn't it.

    Yep, he'll have to do it before they start meeting in groups and all that stuff. Better it comes from him than from someone who has figured it out and decides to be horrid (in the name of helpfulness of course).


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