Saturday, March 04, 2006

Confusion regarding rehab center

So Hubby told his version of his part of the conversation with the guy at the rehab center on Thursday. Hubby was told, "I cannot give you any information about a client of that name" or something like that.

That is a standard HIPPA-type statement. (Gone to a medical office lately? You know that privacy statement you have to sign?) HIPPA regulations prevent medical facilities from revealing who is a patient. It creates some really strange consequences, for instance I can pick up my husband's prescriptions and pay for them, but I cannot get a print out of everything on one page for taxes. We each have to get our own. Also if you hear that your friend has been in an accident and is "the hospital" the hospital can't confirm that. If you want to send a card and there is more than one in the area, you will have to send one to each.

So I think that Evan signed a release saying that we could be informed of his well-being. Or maybe it was just that the people who had answered before knew who we were and were willing to be relaxed about things. Probably whoever answered on Thursday just did not know who we were.

Still, I feel odd about the whole thing. I don't really have any connection with any staff members there. I just get different treatment depending on who answers the phone. I don't know who to ask for to get my position with respect to them figured out.

The social worker said she would try to help figure things out, but of course she has more people than just me and Evan to worry about.

Hopefully on Tuesday I will be able to talk to Evan himself. That should help.


  1. I have given up on trying to get info about my husband from the hospital over the phone. They will confirm he's there.

    The other silly thing is the bank. With a joint account, either one of us can wipe the other out by writing a check but we're not allowed to order a new ATM card over the phone for the other without power of attorney.

  2. I still feel sick when I think about S being in the psych hospital, placed out of our care. WE could have lost her and it sucks to be that powerless!

    Hang in there!

  3. Thanks Granny & Lionmon...I know you understand.

    I am looking forward to talking to him on Tuesday! I hope.


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