Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another 30 days

So, I had a couple conversations with the social worker today. The bottom line is this -- everyone agreed that we would tell Evan that the agency would buy him a plane ticket and we would let him move back in when Studio 12 said he was ready.

From what she said it sounds like the conversation went something like,

SW: We really care about you and want what is best for you. We want you to follow the recommendations of the rehab center. They are saying 90 days and so we want you to stay for the whole 90 days.

Evan: I can't do 90 days. I might be able to do 60. What if they say that 60 is enough?

SW: Right now they are telling us 90 days is what they recommend, but if they recommend something else then that will be okay with us. You have to work with them, you have to take advantage of this opportunity.

Evan to counselor: She says I can go home as soon as you say I can leave.


Fortunately the counselor talked to the social worker so everyone is on the same page. Well, everyone but Evan.

In any case he has agreed to do 60 total days, he is angry about it, but he agreed to it.

Personally I think that is very reasonable -- just for today he can imagine staying 60 days. In another 30 days we can re-assess and discuss whether he needs to be there longer and whether he can make a commitment for more. Getting an 18-year-old to make a commitment 30 days at a shot is fine.

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  1. By the end of 60, his whole mind set may have changed. It happens.


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