Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well, I got a sponser so that I can do the whole Al-Anon/Nar-Anon 12-step thing. He was not especially impressed with my announcement that I had already done at least the first two steps. He asked me to write about them anyway. It has been interesting, and sometimes a bit draining. He has a tendency to ask if I "really believe" something or think I have "really done" something even though I have just said that I do or have. I told him that I feel like he's Regis asking, "Is that your final answer?"

I have written pages and pages on my experience of powerlessness and lack of managability. I don't think I will be sharing any of that here.

Then I wrote pages about my conception of a higher power. Sigh. Some of that I may weed through and post here.

We agreed that I would "sit on the front porch of Step Three" (my imagery) for a while.

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