Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Chat Board Lingo List

Someone new on the support chatboard asked about all the abbreviations and I got cute and wrote the following. As I have nothing new in my life to report, I thought I would share it.

A is for Addict who
BTW By The Way our
BF Boyfriend or
D Daughter or
Dd Dad may be

DOC is Drug Of Choice which we were told
F2F Face to Face that our
FD Foster Daughter or
FS Foster Son or
GF Girlfriend or
H Husband might use

HP is our Higher Power who
IMO In My Opinion gives us always and not
JFT Just For Today the gift of
LOL Laughing Out Loud

M is for Mother who leaves us
NM No Message except
OMG Oh My G-d! or something
OT Off Topic about the
PO Parole Officer

S is for Son who told the
SW Social Worker
TFS “Thanks for Sharing” or was it
TFLMS “Thanks For Letting Me Share”
UA the Urinalysis results

W is Wife who exclaims
WTF “What The ****” or
WTG “Way to Go!” depending upon, well, you know.

YW is Your Welcome for this little list

And now I must go, but first I will say:
TTFN which is Tigger for “Ta Ta For Now.”

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  1. I can remember when lol was the abbreviation for little old lady.


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