Thursday, March 09, 2006

Searching for the GSCA

I am the faculty advisor for the GSCA (Gay/Straight College Alliance). I have not been attending meetings because I have been on sabbatical. So tonight I went.

They always meet in B* Hall. So I went there. Young women in long black dresses said the GSCA had gone to the student union to watch a movie. So I walked across campus (it is not a huge campus) down to the basement and there was no one in the theatre. Someone who was in the union knew the cell number of someone in the club and she called told me that they were in A* Residence Hall.

So I went back outside, walked across campus, past B* Hall, to the residence hall. The thing is, the residence halls have a decent security system. You cannot get in without a key. I walked around the *#%#)! building trying every *#%&^#@! door.

Just when I was about to go home and write them all a very angry email, I heard the vice-president of the club calling me.


They had a good meeting and watched A Home at the End of the World.

This combined with the Al-Anon thing is really making me feel that I should not leave the house. It really does not seem to work out well for me.

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  1. You're Jinxed?

    Talk to you later.


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