Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Blogger Goes Private

Yes, my darlings, it has happened again. Another blog has been discovered by the blogger's family member -- and not at a good time.

This time it is Jody from NDFostermom. I mentioned her on a list of blogs I had recently found in January. In November I asked you to go show her some love as she had had to take her daughter to a treatment center.

She sent me a note this morning:

I have decided to go private for the time being due to some issues from the holiday weekend. Nothing too major, but enough to want me to protect my immediate family for the time being. If you are a reader of my blog, please send me an email or you can leave a comment here and when I get a chance, I will send you an invite. My hope is that within a few weeks I can go public again.

And a big Thank You to Yondalla for being the message board yet again. You are a wonderful woman!

Feel free to leave her messages of support. If you want an invite she must have your email address so, if it is not available in your profile, please write it like this:

pflagfostermom at gmail dot com


  1. Thanks Yondalla for posting this message and to all my faithful readers (see I THINK there are a lot of you out there!) please be patient with me.

  2. Sorry to hear about the invasion. I'd like to continue reading, so please add me if it's okay.


  3. I'd like to continue reading too. My email should be in my profile but if not it's ann dot adams95340 at gmail dot com.

    I'm sorry about whatever happened.

  4. I'd like to be added too. I think mine is in my profile, but if not its mrs_butter_b at yahoo dot com.

    Hate it for her. That's why I'm leery of posting much, other than to say "WE HAVE OUR FIRST PLACEMENT!!!!"

    THere, I"ve been holding that in for a week now. Thought I might bust!

  5. Wow, wondered what happend. Well. I had been reading for a bit. my addy is myhartz4godzkidz at aol dot com... I am glad that you are alright. Prayers coming your way...

  6. Thank you everyone. I am adding as I get the comments emailed to me.

  7. Thats the dangerous thing about blogs. I had a blog before a long time ago at, and one of my uncles discovered it. He must have read through the entire thing, page after page, and found an entry where I had complained about my mom. So he called up my mom and told her! Lovely family members I have... Oh well. Taught me a lesson... I shut down that blog and now I don't even tell my family members that I OWN a blog!

  8. Yes I wondered what happened! Please add me if you get the chance marthavmuffin at yahoo dot com


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