Friday, December 28, 2007

Olivia Arrives

Well, Olivia is here. Her real first name is the same as my real first name. We have one of those names that everyone wants to shorten and both of us go with the long version. So we have fun talking to each other, "How are you doing, Olivia?"
"I'm fine, how are you Olivia?"
"I'm good, are you hungry Olivia?" get the idea.

She said that all the other girls from Mandy's were complaining about where they had to go to respite, but she was happy because she likes it here.

Mandy usually asks me to take two girls, but I never told her that Frankie left. Of course she might want to give Olivia a break. Mandy normally only takes teenage girls with major behavioral problem histories. Olivia is however her actual niece, so she took her.

Olivia is a nice kid. I'm not worried about having her here. It's kind of nice every now and then to have another female in the house.

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  1. My brother's fiancee has the same name as me--Ann Marie (I skip the space). We get the HUGEST kick out it as neither of has known many other Ann Marie's except each other.

    Even better: I'm her bridesmaid and my brother, his best man, and her brother (groomsman) all have the same name, too! Her sister, the matron of honor, has a different name. Bridal party of 6 with only 3 different names!


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